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YOUR Premier FitnesS Kickboxing, Strength Training, Cardio Conditioning WORKOUT

Omni Fight Club is for anyone who craves an inclusive, motivating exercise experience. No matter your fitness level, you will be successful here. If you’re looking for an exciting new challenge, look no further, our program delivers unlimited variety and rapid results. You’ll never perform the same routine twice, and our team training format offers a never-ending stream of encouragement and support.



1. SIGN UP Take a look at our schedule and sign up for your first class. Every Omni Fight Club class unfolds at your preferred pace and intensity, so there’s no reason to wait!


2. SHOW UP Great, you’re here! Before diving into our high intensity cardio-­kickboxing workouts, we’ll run through a quick warm ­up that sets the stage for an hour of fun, tough fitness.


3. PUSH YOURSELF You'll start at your first station and then move through each customized station. This is where things get tough because you’re kicking and punching and working your way to a fit body – all in rapid succession! Now is the time to push yourself; it’s all about you and your determination to succeed.


4. CONNECT Through it all, your teammates have got your back. One of the most rewarding facets of Omni Fight Club is the sense of camaraderie our team training environment fosters.


5. RECOVER & RETURN The last few minutes of class are for recovery, and you’re going to need it! After your high ­intensity workout, there’s nothing like a cool down to prevent muscle stiffness and ensure that you’re ready for your next session.

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