If you’re not a morning person, waking up at 5 AM to get a workout in might sound like your worst nightmare. However, studies show that exercising in the morning can increase your energy levels and establish a baseline for the rest of your day. If you’re looking to make the switch to exercising earlier in the day, we’ve compiled our top 3 tips for marking morning workouts easier. 

Prep The Night Before

You headed to a 7 AM workout and you’re looking to get every ounce of sleep you can, we get it. Learning to save yourself time and energy in the morning will make sure you cut out any excuses before they can even form in your head. The night before your morning workout, look to prep the big 3: What you’re going to wear, what you’re going to eat, and what you’re going to do.

Outfit Prep

Just like your work outfit, prepping your workout outfit will help save your precious time in the morning. Don’t spend time in the morning going through all your drawers looking for the perfect pair of leggings, have them laid out the night before so you can wake up, get dressed, and be ready to go. That’s energy you can save for the gym.

Meal Prep

Now, some people workout in the mornings without eating breakfast. If that’s what works for you, then congratulations, you’ve already saved yourself some time. For the rest of you, planning out breakfast the night before will make getting to your morning workouts easier. If you’re not sure what you should be eating before a workout, check out our post on What Is A Balanced Meal.

Workout Prep

Finally, make sure you know what workout you plan to do. Nothing’s worse than showing up to the gym with no idea what you’re going to do and wasting your time. That’s why morning classes at Omni Fight Club are so easy. All you have to do is show up, and we’ll have the workout planned and prepared for you. It’s that easy.

Get A Workout Buddy

Sometimes we need some added help to get out of bed in the morning. By finding a workout buddy, you’ll have someone who is counting on you to make it to your workout and would be disappointed if you didn’t make it. It’s one thing to bail on a solo workout, but bailing on your workout partner? That’s just rude.

All of our group classes are done by pairing you up with a partner to alternate exercises. Because our community is so tight-knit, finding your partner should be no problem.

Keep Alarms Far Away

This might sound like a cheap trick, but it’s worked for plenty of people and might work for you as well. Here’s how it works: when you set your alarm at night and head to bed, leave your phone on the other side of the room. That way, when the alarm goes off for your morning workouts, you can’t just roll over and press snooze. You’re now forced to get out of bed to turn your alarm off. Try it out and see if it’s that boost you need to get out of bed and make it to your morning workout.

If you think a morning workout sounds right to you, make sure to find an OFC location near you and try a free class to see why so many of our members show up at the crack of dawn to get in one of our best-in-town workouts.