Are You Ready To Become Your Own Boss?

Becoming your own boss is an empowering feeling, one you might have always wanted or are just now starting to think about. If you’ve ever had that thought you should ask yourself: are you tired of working for someone else and long to open your own business, but don’t have that BIG idea or experience running a business? 

Franchising through a respectable company provides branding, operations, and a proven business model that speeds up your opening time verses starting your own business from the ground up – not even to mention all of the experience you immediately inherit. 

Is 2020 the year you become your own boss?

Becoming Your Own Boss in 2020

Control, flexible hours, and satisfaction are just 3 of the many benefits of becoming your own boss. When you own a business, you have increased freedom to make decisions that will directly impact your future, as well as your families. 

When you become a franchisee, you’re becoming the boss of that location. You’re putting your money up, you’re running everything, and your reaping many of the benefits – all while avoiding the stress of creating your own business concept and building out the operations from the ground up. 

When you become your own boss, you’ll find yourself with higher motivation and morale. Not only are you going to be running the game, you’ll have the opportunity to employ members of your community and know you’re making a positive impact.

And at the end of the day, you’ll also see the profits you’ve created from your franchise.

Franchising Ownership vs Independent Businesses

As a franchisee you won’t have complete control of your services or products. But, that shouldn’t be seen as a negative. When you decide what franchise you want to be a part of, you’re going to read about the tried and true business model that has already been tested and optimized. As an independent business owner, you’ll have to go through the ups and downs of finding out what works and what doesn’t.

Also, independent owners tend to have a higher investment costs to open their own business. There are plenty of unknown fees and costs that could easily add up if you’ve never opened and run your own business before. In 2020, it’s never been easier for you to get all the information you need from a franchise to set yourself up for success. 

Franchisees will need to fulfill certain obligations that come from the franchisor, which is something to think about when it comes to renovations or remodels. For the most part, your franchisor will make the major decisions about the product line or services your company provides.

What It Takes To Franchise In 2020

If you’re wondering whether franchising is still a profitable option in 2020 or not, you’re in luck. According to AZ Franchises, “..there are over 900,000 franchise businesses across 300 business categories in the U.S. which provide nearly 18 million jobs and generate over $2.1 trillion to the economy.” 

With a new franchise opening every 8 minutes of every business day, the market is open and willing to accept these businesses. What does it take to open your own franchise?

Learn what it takes to become your own boss as an Omni Fight Club franchisor here.