Looking for a new way to burn more fat and lower your blood sugar? New studies show that eating dinner earlier in the night could be a great strategy for helping get the pounds off. The Journal of Clinical Endocrinology & Metabolism published a study that encourages eating dinner before the night gets too late.

Eat Earlier For Your Health

By taking a sample of 20 healthy individuals, the study tested the difference between eating at 6 PM verse 10 PM. These 10 men and 10 women were given the exact same meal and all went to sleep at 11 PM. 

As a result of this test, the study found that both blood sugar levels in people who ate dinner later were higher, as well as the amount of fat they burned was lower. The results weren’t separated by just a few percent different either. In comparison to the subjects who ate at 6 pm, the subjects who were eating later had peak levels of blood sugar almost 20% higher with a 10% fat burning reduction.

Of course, this study isn’t a one-size-fits-all solution. People who naturally went to sleep earlier were most affected by this process, with people who are naturally night owls being the least impacted. Your metabolism plays a major role in this, but seeing the science behind this process could lead to new insights for OFC members.

Eating Earlier Helps You Sleep Better

Sleeping is important for rebuilding your body after tough workouts, and eating too close to bedtime could be causing you to have a bad night’s sleep. Common issues with eating too close to going to sleep is heartburn and indigestion. Both of these make it harder to sleep, therefore not letting your body get enough rest. 

Food gives your body energy, and eating too late at night will prevent your body from shutting down and affecting the circadian rhythm. Eating earlier in the day allows food to be digested better and makes sure you get to sleep on time.

Food, Sleep, and Workouts

Being healthy and living a positive lifestyle isn’t about prioritizing one thing over another. Your body needs a steady stream of healthy food, good sleep, and engaging workouts to prosper. Finding enough hours in the day to do everything is where the challenge arises. Luckily, you only need 1-hour to knock out a workout that will make sure you’re burning calories and shredding fat at Omni Fight Club. Find a location near you and try free classes on us.