Fitness Franchising: Profitable and Entertaining

Since 2006, the number of cardio kickboxing participants has increased by over 35%, according to As the fitness industry continues to grow year over year with new members, demand for gyms skyrockets.

With all of these new potential members looking for gyms, you might be thinking to yourself: “Maybe I should start my own gym.” Before you lease a location and start building a brand from scratch, it’s important to learn how becoming a franchisee eases the pressure of starting your own business.

Starting from scratch vs Purchasing a franchise

This is it. You’ve decided to venture off and start your own business. Now you need to really sit down and think how you will want to get started. Are you going to start a business from scratch and build every aspect of your company (create a brand, develop a business model, etc?) Or are you going to use an already established brand that can help you quickly and efficiently open a proven business.

Both sides of the coin have their pros and cons, however, according to, “Statistics show that 25 percent of startup businesses fail within their first year, 50 percent of the remaining fail within five years and approximately 30 percent of the remaining last ten years.”

If you’re okay with initial licensing and franchise fees up front, you will receive a wealth of information and help that most new business owners could only dream of.

Fitness franchises as a business opportunity

The fitness and health club industries in the US produce around $30 billion in revenue each year. With attendance of kickboxing clubs going up, this number is set to grow exponentially.

Aside from the bottom line profit, one of the biggest differences between being an employee and an owner is the opportunity to build equity. When you are the owner of a franchise, your equity will grow and become more profitable as your business finds success.

What it takes

There’s no perfect model for fitness franchise owners, but here at OFC we’ve found engaged, high-energy people tend to fair the best as owners. If you already have a fitness past (personal trainer, athlete, etc.) stepping up into a role as an owner of a club gives you a heads up on the rest. Enjoy leading a team, making decisions, and having as much fun as you would or would not life! From interacting with members to joining a workout yourself, you can run your business however you want.

Once you’ve decided that a franchise is right for you, funding is the next big question. Do you have enough cash on hand to handle the initial fees or will you need to take out funding? Make sure to check for all of the small print fees that come along with becoming a franchisee.

We’ve seen veterans have a great chance of owning successful franchises due to easier funding options and the skill set already needed to lead a company.

Omni Fight Club is always looking for driven owners bring North America’s premier fitness kickboxing, strength training, and cardio conditioning workout to new locations. If you have what it takes to bring FUN TOUGH FITNESS to your town, learn more about franchising opportunities here.