Are you already a coach or trainer and interested in taking the next steps to owning your own gym? Then you’re in luck, because the process and benefits of becoming an owner is easier than ever. If you’re looking to grow from within Omni Fight Club, or looking to make the jump over from a different gym, we wanted to lay out how you could take the steps from employee to franchise ownership.

Know What You’re Getting Into.

If you’re already a trainer or coach at Omni Fight Club, you probably have a good understanding of how the classes work. However, there’s a lot more that goes into owning a franchise than just the day-to-day work. As a franchise owner, you’re responsible for securing funding and a location for the gym, following the franchisor’s guidelines, hiring and training new employees, managing expenses, marketing your location, and more.

That list of responsibilities shouldn’t be a surprise for anyone doing research on owning their own franchise, and our team is here to work with you from the beginning. With our build-out process for gyms only taking a few days and our turn-key marketing solutions to reach new members immediately, the OFC franchising process is intended to make your life a whole lot easier.

Responsibilities as a franchise owner.

Understand The Brand.

OFC trainers and coaches should already know the brand intimately. From how we market our workouts to the way we write content, there are specific ways our brand stands out. 

When you’re looking at making the change from employee to franchise ownership, it’s important to understand all of the nuances of the OFC brand and its market. We pride ourselves on the unique fitness kickboxing and full-body cardio workouts that are second to none, and our brand reflects that. Everything from the boxing ring in the middle of the gym to the energy we bring to our members allows us to stand out from the pack.

Understanding your franchises brand.

Be Ready To Work.

If you’re looking for a set-it-and-forget-it business, a fitness franchise is probably not right for you. It will be vital to make yourself available to members and your team as much as possible, especially in the beginning. This will more than likely require long hours and will consist of nights, weekends, and holidays to stay up-to-date with your business.

All that hard work will seem like a lot, but knowing that you’re part of a growing company with a passionate following will make all of the sacrifices worth it. As the owner, every month will be an opportunity to grow your gym into the best it can be and you’ll see those returns first hand. 

Getting Started.

If you’ve decided that this sounds like the perfect opportunity for you, download our Franchise Guide here to learn more about the franchising process and details that go into initial investments, FDDs, and more.

From there, one of our franchise team members will reach out to you and start discussing how we can turn your dreams into a reality. Here’s to #FUNTOUGHFITNESS.