At Omni Fight Club, we’re more than just somewhere to get fit. We’re a family, and family takes care of its own.

That’s why when we learned 4-year old Deakyn, son of CJ Lewis who is a coach at our Walnut Creek location, was fighting for his life due to a rare brain tumor we knew we had to step up and help.

After already going through two surgeries to remove the tumor, doctors are still waiting to see if he will need a third.

We couldn’t let part of our family go through this alone. Omni Fight Club Walnut Creek held a fundraiser on April 27th to help offset the medical costs. When asked about how the community support for his grandson felt, Gerry Lewis replied it was like getting a “huge hug.”

As of now, CJ and Deakyn have raised over $70,000, and are expected to exceed their $75,000 goal.

Learn how you could help the cause by donating to the “Deakyn’s Fundraiser” GoFundMe campaign.

At the end of the day, we’re proud to know that our community is willing to step up when one of our own needed it most.

That’s just how the #OmniArmy works.