Sleep Affects Your Workouts

Let’s face it, getting a bad night of sleep and trying to work out the next morning is just asking for bad results. We know it, you know it, and anyone who’s come into a class on two hours of sleep knows it as well.

There’s plenty of reasons for that. Not getting a good night’s sleep before a workout can slow down your reaction times, increase your chance of injuries, and seriously deplete the amount of energy you can produce. Omni Fight Club’s workouts are intense, and when you come in without getting good sleep, you’re asking for a bad time.

Lack of Sleep Affects Reaction Times

OFC workouts are all about your reaction times. Whether it’s throwing the right combination of punches at a bag, or catching medicine balls coming directly at you, staying on your toes and reacting to the workouts is one of the big reasons they’re so effective. 

According to, members of their study who were sleep deprived by more than two hours saw reaction speeds decrease by 33%. If that alone doesn’t encourage you to get enough sleep before a workout, we don’t know what will!

Lack of Sleep Causes More Injuries

Your body needs to recover between workouts, and sleeping is one of the best times for that to happen. Without this sleep, your body won’t be ready to continue with more intense workouts, causing you to increase your risk of injury. 

A study done by the Orthopaedic Journal of Sports Medicine found that athletes who slept at least 8 hours per night decreased their risk of injury by over 60%. So if you’re looking to stay healthy and make it back for more FUN TOUGH FITNESS, make sure to keep the bags in the gym, not under your eyes.

Lack of Sleep Increases Fatigue

Plenty of studies have found that those who sleep less are more likely to end a workout early. The Journal of Clinical Sleep Medicine found that people who exercise regularly tend to end workouts faster after not getting enough sleep. Even worse, the members of the study who slept the least were in the gym for the shortest amount of time.

Our workouts aren’t as easy as going in and lifting weights. For sixty minutes you’re going to use all the energy you have to make it through our different zones and you’ll need that energy the whole time. So if you’re not sleeping, you’re going to struggle to make it till the final bell rings.

Get Some Sleep and Come Work Out

If you’re not working out, it doesn’t matter how much you sleep. But that’s not the OFC way. Here we want to show the world how #WePrevail and a good night’s sleep might be the extra push you need to come in and get the workout you deserve.

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