One of the benefits of working out at Omni Fight Club is our use of the Myzone heart-rate tracking system. Not only does Myzone track your heart rate, but it also allows us to turn our workouts into a big competition. Best part? Myzone evens the playing field out for all members and allows everyone a chance to end up on top.

What Is Myzone?

Wearable heart rate systems are growing in popularity and it’s easy to see why. Myzone uses wireless and cloud technology to monitor your physical activity in both personal and group workouts. Myzone tracks your heart rate and calories burned, but adds a twist. 

As you’re working out, Myzone tracks your heart rate and compares it to your Max Heart Rate (MHR) and gives you MEPs for how long you stay in a certain range of your MHR. 

Gray Zone: 50-59% of MHR.

Blue Zone: 60-69% of MHR.

Green Zone: 70-79% of MHR.

Yellow Zone: 80-89% of MHR.

Red Zone: 90-100% of MHR.

Your Myzone device is connected to screens in our locations and allows you to see how you’re progressing through the workout and compares you to the rest of the class.

Why Should You Use Myzone?

Are you into tracking your workouts and fitness progress? Myzone tracks your MEPs and calories burned and stores those in the Myzone app for you to reference in the future. You can add friends and other members at Omni Fight Club and compare your workouts with each other. Most OFCs even have Facebook groups where our members will post their post workout overview and compare them with each other.

If competition helps fuel your fire, Myzone’s MEPs are going to help push you to be your best. MEPs, which stands for Myzone Effort Points, is what Myzone uses to track how hard you’re working out. But, it’s not just the biggest, baddest person in the class who gets the most MEPs – it’s the person who puts in the most effort. Since MEPs are based around your MHR, if you’re not working out hard with an increased heart rate, you’re not going to have the most MEPs.

Myzone Builds Community

All Omni Fight Clubs use Myzone, and there’s a good reason. We believe in working out as a community, and Myzone helps with that community. From the screens that show off everyone’s MEPs and heart-rate levels to the Facebook groups where we share our post-workout results, Myzone allows us to stay close as a group.

Yes, you could workout alone in a gym and maybe hit those goals you’ve created. Or, you could come into Omni Fight Club and experience the best workout in town AND join a supportive community that wants you to get as many MEPs as possible. 

Try a free class at an OFC location near you today.