Other than keeping you hydrated, what does water do for your body?

Water Suppresses Your Appetite

When you’re filling up your stomach with water, your body sends signals to your brain that your stomach is full. Sometimes, you think you’re hungry, but in reality you’re actually thirsty. A quick trick to seeing the difference between them is by drinking a glass of water before you snack and see if the problem resolves itself. Let the water take up space in your stomach and worry about food when it’s time to recharge.

Water Helps With Removing Waste 

Drink a glass of water now and your kidneys will thank you soon enough. Without water, your kidneys couldn’t filter out toxins, remove waste from your blood, or send out usable toxins to your liver. When you sweat, the water you’ve consumed helps regulate your body temperature and releases toxins. 

Most Importantly: Water Helps With Workouts

Not drinking enough water will quickly turn your workout into a bad time. Water helps regulate your body temperature and not having enough in your system will cause your heart rate to rise and make your body functions slow down.

For Omni Fight Club, the big function that water helps with is your motor controls and concentration. You want your body working at its peak so you can get the most out of your workouts.

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