Looking to switch up your workouts but not sure what else is out there? If you’re looking for low-impact exercises on your joints that are great for burning fat, we have the workout for you. Omni Fight Club workouts are a mixture of cardio kickboxing and strength training that take the best of both disciplines and give you the best workout in town.

What Is Cardio Kickboxing?

We like to train like fighters, without getting hit. So don’t think of cardio kickboxing and think you’re getting in the ring and fighting someone. Cardio kickboxing utilizes a mixture of punches and kicks that are thrown either into bags or into the air, increasing your heart rate and burning calories at a high rate. 

These workouts are meant to increase your heart rate quickly and in burst, which allows for cardiovascular conditioning to take place. Cardiovascular conditioning, with help from a good diet, helps create a daily calorie deficit, which is great for fat loss. If you’re looking to lose belly fat, this is the workout for you!

Who is Cardio Kickboxing For? 

Are you looking to burn calories and lose weight? Are you looking to improve your stamina and have a healthy heart? Anyone looking to step away from their boring gym routines can use Cardio Kickboxing as a fast pace way to make fitness fun again.

The workouts are considered low-impact and high-intensity. There’s no need to have any experience with martial arts or anything similar for you to come in and try these exercises out. However, knowing how to use proper technique will take some time. Don’t be discouraged, it all comes in time.

How OFC Utilizes Cardio Kickboxing and Strength Training. 

Not only does OFC utilize Cardio Kickboxing in it’s workouts, but we’re also one of the only Cardio Kickboxing workouts that include strength training. Many workouts similar to ours have dumb bells that cap out at 40 pounds. We have dumbells that go up to 100 pounds, which means you can gain some serious muscle. Not only are you losing fat, but you’ll get stronger along the way.

Think Cardio Kickboxing is right for you? Find an OFC location near you and try our workouts for FREE here.