Our Brand. Your Opportunity.

Change lives with Omni Fight Club

An effective fitness brand empowers members to take control of their lives. When you invest in a brand, you’re not just purchasing equipment, floor space, and marketing collateral. You’re committing to a concept that gives people hope and inspires them to make a change. A brand is more than a label for your business. It’s a way to help people succeed. We’re dedicated to the bold idea that hard work and persistence can change your life. It’s central to our brand, and it’s what drives all of us – members and franchisees alike – to keep pushing our limits, physically and professionally.

When you invest in Omni Fight Club, you’re investing in a brand that delivers:


RESULTS Our 60 ­minute classes emphasize timed, rep-­based intervals to maximize fat loss and build cardiovascular endurance. Members will keep coming back because the workouts provide fast, indisputable results.


ENGAGEMENT: Team training gives members a shared sense of purpose. Besides an ultimate workout, Omni Fight Club offers an additional reason to attend class: camaraderie with other members.


VARIETY Why keep doing the same workout? At Omni Fight Club, a variety of exercises challenges members to adapt to new techniques while continuously increasing intensity. We keep things interesting.


APPEAL With Omni Fight Clubs opening across all of North America, our brand breaks through borders and cultures, and appeals to all communities. There is a place for Omni Fight Club in your neighborhood.

Learn About The Process

1. The Application

Apply online to get the process started!

Here’s what happens after you submit an application

  • Our team reviews your information and contacts you to learn more about your professional goals.
  • We begin a financial review, run your credit, and perform a background check.
  • We also verify your proof of citizenship or residency (for US applicants).
  • You receive and review our Financial Disclosure Document (FDD).

2. The Plan

Gain an insider perspective on Omni Fight Club ownership

  • Meet with a member of our Franchise Development team and at least one current franchisee.
  • Conduct due diligence.
  • Reserve your location(s) or territory and create your business plan. Our Franchise Development team can help you here.

3. The Numbers

Got your business plan ready? Awesome.

At this point, we’ve completed your financial review. Here’s what you’ll do next

  • Submit all legal entity documentation.
  • Discuss your business plan with Franchise Development and make any necessary adjustments.
  • Feel good! You’re about to receive franchise approval.

4. The Rubber Stamp

Now you’re part of the Omni Fight Club family.

With our seal of approval, it’s time to dive head first into the franchise experience

  • Complete your franchise training. We’ll show you all there is to know about opening, growing, and running a profitable Omni Fight Club.
  • Receive site approval and start transforming your location into the newest Omni Fight Club.

5. Your Success

Now you’re in business – literally!

There are just a few more things to do

  • Finalize your lease or building purchase.
  • Sign our Franchise Agreement.
  • Begin “building” your facility. Based on your layout, square footage, and spatial considerations, our team creates a custom floor plant to fit your needs. We ship your entire club to you and install all the equipment for you.
  • Launch your new Omni Fight Club. With support from Franchise Development, you can count on an unforgettable grand opening.

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