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Train like a fighter, without getting hit

From local health club to one of North America's Fastest Growing fitness brands

In 2005 Omni Fight Club started as a 624 square foot room inside The Omni Club of Athens, located in Athens, Georgia. Housing a few punching bags, speed bags, and kick bags, it was introduced within the club as "multi-client" training with 6-8 participants per class session. The prescription for the class was similar to a kickboxing class - but something was missing. Omni Fight Club wanted to do something different. So we introduced the idea of training like a fighter, without getting hit. A success was born!

A growing beast

In a matter of months Omni Fight Club went from 6-8 participants to 20+ in a class. To accommodate the growing demand, Omni Fight Club moved to a 1,650 square foot space within The Omni Club and added air bikes, rowers, and VersaClimbers to the existing arsenal of dumbbells, steps, plate weights, kick bags, speed bags, and punching bags.

Omni Fight Club was a growing beast. Using the philosophy of training like a fighter, without getting hit to create classes, along with the addition of more equipment, Omni Fight Club could barely keep up with the member demand. A second location was built in Athens, Georgia and more classes were offered on a weekly basis. Since its start, there have been over 50,000 classes taught and countless individuals who have achieved their fitness goals.

When we started Omni Fight Club Franchising, we combined an irresistible fitness concept with the industry's best ownership experience. As a result, we're expanding rapidly across the United States. Our first franchised location opened in 2015 in Austin, Texas. We have since opened locations in Wisconsin, California, and Georgia with multi-unit development agreements for locations across the U.S., and a Master Franchise secured for the U.K. and Portugal.

A Proven Path

With skillful, passionate business leadership and demonstrated traction in markets around the globe, Omni Fight Club offers a proven path to fitness industry success. Be a part of our story. Apply for your franchise today!

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