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Livermore, CA
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Livermore, CA

The Experience

Get HIIT, not hit.

Experience a fighter’s training regimen, but without the bloody lips. Dynamic music, high-intensity interval exercises, and phenomenal staff are all part of what make Omni Fight Club the most engaging and inspiring club experience yet.

Our all-inclusive training format ensures you get the most out of every workout, and our community-focused atmosphere actually makes working out fun. Best of all, your first classes are free!

"I have to warn you. Omni Fight Club is addicting and will make you feel like a beast before too long.”

- George

How it works

Join the fight.

From strength training to cardio, you’ve never experienced fitness like this.

We offer unlimited memberships, class packs, personal training, and walk-ins. See your local club to find the package that's right for you.

Join the fight

Your first classes are free.

Get a taste of both class styles. Try a strength day and a cardio day.

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