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Punch, kick, lift, and burn your way through our 60­ minute, high ­intensity classes. Our program delivers unlimited variety, rapid results, and total lean muscle. You’ll never perform the same routine twice and our team training format offers a never-ending stream of encouragement and support. Omni Fight Club is a place where anyone can enjoy an incredible workout. Need to get in shape? Looking for a new way to exercise? Omni Fight Club offers challenge, intensity, and most of all, fun, for all fitness levels.

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Attend just one 60 ­minute session at Omni Fight Club and you’ll experience:


MOTIVATION Our members motivate each other to constantly improve, our instructors keep you accountable throughout.


JOY Training like a fighter makes you feel like a champion. You’re going to feel incredible during and after our workouts.


VARIETY A wide array of exercises ensures you never plateau. You can attend our classes for years and never do the same class twice.


SUCCESS All it takes is the willingness to work hard and persevere. If you’ve got that, you’re ready to join the fun!

Fitness should be fun, yet tough and rewarding.

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