Welcome to Omni Fight Club

North America’s premier fitness kickboxing, strength training, and cardio conditioning workout.

Utilizing kickboxing movements and high-intensity interval training, Omni Fight Club members can train like a fighter, without getting hit. Our trained instructors will take you through 60-minute, high-intensity classes aimed at burning fat and increasing muscle strength. Punch, kick and all-out fight your way through our circuit of 8-9 exercises set to custom music tracks for each station. We don’t stop ‘til the bell rings!

All Omni Fight Club facilities run 3 days a week of strength training and 4 days a week of cardio kickboxing that involves heavy bag training, speed bag training, and even a real boxing ring.

The best part? You aren’t doing this alone! Through it all, your teammates and instructors have your back, encouraging and pushing you to your limit. You will join a small group of 4-8 members and work your way through the whole circuit as a team.

Together, in a highly-motivated and inclusive atmosphere, members experience a fun and engaging workout that will put even the best athletes through the ringer.

Just see what one of our real members has to say about the experience:

“Great atmosphere, great people, awesome work out! If you’re bored at the gym or running out of ideas, you HAVE to check out Omni.”

Kelsey O., WI

Thinking about starting your own Omni Fitness Club? Our franchise development team is always in your corner and ready to answer any questions you may have. For more information, click here.

We’re dedicated to the bold idea that hard work and persistence can change your life. No matter if you are a new franchise owner, or coming in to hit the bags, Omni Fight Club is here to change the game.

Get started today by calling our team at 833-OMNIFIT (833-666-4348) and receive all the information you need.